Lala Van der veken

Country Spain
City Marbella
Profile TypeSeller
Art FormsMixed media

Nance Lala Van der Veken born in Antwerp/Belgium, the great great grand daughter of Isabella Brant the true love and model of famous Belgian artist Rubens.

Living in the South of Spain,

She was the first to bring Bling to the Costa del Sol.
Customizing everything from Fashion & Accessories to cars and diverse pieces of furniture, Lala started with a pop-up shop and soon expanded to owning a well known bonfire shop in Marbella.

She is praised for her unique approach and ability to set the trend!

Lala was nominated twice by Marbella Rocks Magazine for Best Fashion in Marbella 2015!

In 2015 Lala had a TV appearance to show her latest creations, even Celebrities have admired her work.

After going through a transitional period looking to explore her possibilities in the ART World, she was discovered by Atrium Gallery by Corinne Lewin, Lala held her first exhibition in summer 2017.
The exhibition was a big succes.
She sold several pieces to big private collectors around Europe.

Later she was asked by the French curator in Paris of Wu Lab to create a one of piece for the Wu Tang Clan famous hip hop group, this piece “ the Crystal W” is currently touring with the Wu Lab exhibition worldwide.
Lala is also featured in the collectible book Wu Lab of the Wu Tang Clan.

After her succes she started to expiriment the Swarovski Crystals in combination with Abstract Art and immediately sold her first piece.

Lala recently held an Exhibition “Art made with Crystals from Swarovski” where she has several styles in her Art work collection.

She also offers custom Art services where she can customize anything in Swarovksi crystals weither it’s divine pieces of your interior or
personalize your bath tub, family portrait, your car and much more ..
anything goes she’s says, she quotes

“The only limitation is your own imagination”