Who We Are

Welcome to Art2u2, a new website dedicated to you the art lover, the artist of any skill level and any type of Art. If its art, we want to hear you.

Here was my thinking, I have painted in my life time over 700 paintings, mostly abstract and more. I could be promoting myself to all the art sites on the web which is a fulltime job. Once I would have an interested party, they might or might not like my art, so it will be a wasted effort. However if I’m together with others artists, if one buyer, does not like my work, maybe, they might like another artists from the same website? So, the promotional effort will not go to waste. The other important point, is that many of us, do not live from our art alone, as this art2u2, is a platform, which does not need you to promote, only yourself, our Art2u2, will do the promotions for you.

Our Benefits

  • Communicate directly with the seller
  • Thousands of real profiles
  • One month of free membership
  • The best membership rates ever
  • Choose the art work you prefer to buy and contact the seller/artist directly

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